How To Make A Magnetic Bracelet

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It’s not easy to make a magnet therapy bracelet, but it doesn’t seem to be difficult. This article will teach you how to make the magnetic bracelet step by step. You can also click here to buy online, or check more information about magnet bracelets.

1. Prepare materials and tools first

  • Material list: Beads, clasp, crimp beads, beading wire.
  • Tools: chain nose pliers, crimping pliers, wire cutters, ruler, matt or beading surface.

2. Start adding beads

  • I like working off the spool, but if you have a loose piece of wire, make sure to use a bead stopper or some masking tape to prevent the beads from falling.
  • Continue to add beads until you are 1/2(half) inch from desired length.
  • Please note the 2 sides. The larger holes always meet together.
  • Insert the wire through the small hold side of one of the Halves of the clasp.
  • Scoot the clasp next to the last bead. Be sure they “ attract” each other, if they repel insert the other half of the clasp instead or turn the bead around.

3. Insert a crimp bead

  • Bring it down some, but do not let it go into the clasp.
  • Bring the end of the wire back into the crimp bead forming a loop.
  • Make the loop smaller by gently pulling on the longer side of the wire. Be sure the end of the wire is tucked inside the crimp bead.
  • Grab your crimping pliers, accommodate the crimp bead on the bottom notch of the pliers and press.
  • Using the top notch of your crimping pliers round the crimp bead. Do 1/4 turns and press. It has to fit into the hole of the clasp.
  • Continue rounding until it sits well inside the hold of the clasp.
  • Now for the other side. Cut the wire about 2’’ from the first bead.
  • Insert the other half of the clasp through the small hole side.
  • Slide it down, check that the bead and the clasp attract each other. If they repel, try turning the bead around.

4. Add a crimp bead

  • Bring the end of the wire back into the crimp bead forming a loop.
  • Pull the end of the wire with one hand and hold the side of the wire (coming from the bracelet) right above the crimp bead with the other hand.
  • You’re trying to bring the crimp bead as close to the clasp as possible and at the same time making the loop smaller. Use your needle nose pliers if necessary.

5. Let’s crimp

  • Fix the crimp bead into the bottom groove of the crimping pliers and press.
  • Round the crimp using the top groove of the pliers and do 1/4 turns.
  • Grab your wire cutters.
  • Position them as close to the crimp bead as you can without cutting anything else but the excess wire.

Then this is what you should have! Slide it down into the clasp and you are done!!


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