Couple Bracelets

Couples often give each other bracelets to express their love, which also deepens their relationship and adds more fun to life. Couple bracelets is generally two similar style bracelet, with the same elements, they like half met the other half and roll into one, then you are in me and I have you.

Couples bracelets are available in many styles, ranging from personalized fashion design to simple classical design. At Jewelrycom, we offer leather couple bracelets and stainless steel couple bracelets, both of which are favored by couples.

Here are some common bracelet designs that we can custom for you, they are combined with diamond, magnetic therapy, charm, wire, match more elements to make the couple bracelet with beautiful appearance and rich meaning.

Couple Bracelets For Sale

cute touch promise name ID engraved couples bracelets

Stainless Steel Couple ID Link Bracelets

  • A complete set of stainless steel link matching bracelets for men and women.
  • This simple bracelet consists of stainless steel links and smooth surfaces that make up the entire bracelet.
  • Single silver tone will not be too eye-catching, suitable for daily, whether on a date or at work.
  • Perfect for engraving any romantic message you want on a flat surface.
  • Give it to someone special on an anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day, or any other important day for you.
personalized love relationship couple anniversary cuff bracelets

Titanium Steel Couple Cuff Bracelets

  • A complete set of black men’s cuff bracelet and rose gold-tone women’s cuff bracelet.
  • The size of women’s cuff is smaller than men’s, with a half opening that easy to wear.
  • Simple black and rose gold, the smooth surface does not have much decoration, completely shows its shinning light.
  • Hold each other tightly with your hand wearing the bracelet and boldly pledge your love to others.
  • This cuff is very thin, but you can also customize a wider cuff at Jewelrycom.
custom belt matching leather bracelets for couples

Belt Style Black Leather Couple Bracelets

  • A complete set of black leather matching couple bracelets for men and women.
  • This belt style made of black leather and gold-tone metal parts.
  • Leather bracelets for men are slightly larger in size than for women, but both can be adjusted like belts, with several adjustable holes at your discretion.
  • Black color suits both men’s masculinity and women’s feminine features. It can also be made into other colors, such as a brown belt.
  • This is not the only leather bracelet for lovers. You can also customize more beautiful leather bracelets, add some charms, beads, diamonds and so on. They are very casual.
black engraving promise matching couples bangle bracelets

Black Stainless Steel Couple Bangle Bracelet

  • A complete set of black bangle bracelets for men and women.
  • Each black titanium bracelet has a unique crystal that shines softly, engraved with your own words, representing your intimate relationship with your one and only lover.
  • This black bangle bracelet catches the eye of your friends and dazzles them with this its blinding light.
  • This black bangle bracelet has a smooth surface and unique crystal sparkles with soft light. They are very light-reflecting and add extra elegance to your appearance.
  • The entire surface of the bangle bracelet is smooth, you can request any pattern or word text to make them your unique bangle.
stainless steel watchband chain matching couples bracelets

Titanium Magnetic Therapy Chain Couple Bracelets

  • Titanium Magnetic Therapy Negative Ion Germanium Couple Bracelets.
  • A complete set of titanium chain bracelets for man and lady.
  • The chain bangle bracelet is made of titanium steel and germanium stone, with magnetic therapy effect.
  • They look like a metal watchband, with press-over.
    Jewelrycom offer more types of magnetic bracelets, different magnets have different effects, match with titanium steel to make the perfect magnetic therapy chain bracelets.
  • On birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, give this bangle bracelet to your soul mate to express your endless love.

More Designs For You

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Wholesale Price of Couple Bracelets

  • MOQ: 2 PCS
  • Wholesale price: >=10 PCS

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But you know what? The wholesale price of China supplier is always more than 50% lower than the retail price! Bulk buy couple bracelets from Jewelry, you will save more money to do other meaningful things.

Custom Matching Couple Bracelets

Want A Pair Of Bracelets Just For You Two? Both steel couple bracelet and leather couple bracelet, we can do them. No matter what kind of pattern, engraving and color you want, we will give you the solution and help you to achieve it. Contact us now!

Popular Elements For Couple Bracelets

Heart-Shaped: Usually, two bracelets are engraved with half of the heart, and when they are together, the heart is complete, which means that couples are not separated from each other, and have entered into a state of intense love between you and me. When someone sees one of the bracelets, they know you’re not single.

key and Lock: Each lock is special, it’s divided into two parts. Generally a key can only open a lock, this means that the boy opens the girl’s heart and only belongs to each other. Usually boys wear the lock and girls wear the key. Lovers send each other locks and key bracelets to express their forever love and good wishes.

Moon and Star: The stars and the moon are all beautiful things, which means that you cannot leave me, and I cannot leave your beautiful love. Most of the time, girls wear the moon and boy wear the stars. The combination of moon and star is also a favorite element for many young couples.

Anchor: More men like the element of nautical theme, the anchor reminds people of the sea and nature, meaning to sailing and fighting. It is said that the sea is the harbor of his hometown, and men are also the harbor of girls’ love.­

How To Wear A Pair Of Bracelets?

How to wear matching bracelets?According to the actual situation, the male often USES which hand to hold the female student, or often walks in the female student which side, for example is the right hand to wear the right hand, then the female wears in the left hand, such words, no matter how two bracelets will be together.

Gift Idea of ID Bracelets for Couples

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a passionate relationship, or in a long-distance relationship. Matching couple bracelets are always sweet and warm idea. Customize a unique couple bracelet as your anniversary gift, a milestone in your relationship. Every time you miss them, touch the bracelet with their breath, no matter how far you can feel their love.

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