Care Instructions

How to Care for Your Stainless Steel Jewelry

Keep your steel jewelry longer — stainless steel jewelry featured by tough, resistant to corrosion, fadeless, non-allergenic, and safe. It is very important to take care of your jewelry correctly. Maintaining its beauty and let a meaningful jewelry accompany you for a longer time.

Avoid chemicals. Although stainless steel jewelry is acid-resistant, chemical irritations can dull your jewelry. Keep your accessories clean, dignified and shiny all the time.

Avoid water. Do not wear it while taking a shower, washing your face, exercising or sweating profusely. Care products will make your stainless steel jewelry luster, become dull.

Avoid scratching. Friction can cause scratches on the surface of your stainless steel jewelry. Avoid placing stainless steel jewelry or other hard objects together. Store each of your accessories separately to avoid violent collisions.

Optional alternative. Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry for a long time, especially in hot summer. Jewelry electroplating will lose our favorite shine in the face of dust or sweat. So prepare more pieces to be worn alternately, as they allow you to show different beauty.

Wiping often. When you wearing, it is best to often wipe with fine flannelette, remove water, dirt and fingerprint, polish your steel jewelry to make them great and shiny.

Professional maintenance when necessary. Some gap of jewelry cannot be wiped, it is better to do a professional cleaning and maintenance every half of year in professional shop.

Storage safely. When you rarely wear jewelry or don’t wear it for a short period of time, put it in a box and place it in a fixed place to prevent loss or damage.

How to Care for Your Leather Bracelets

The leather that make leather bracelet commonly is cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, made of tightly woven natural protein fibers, even artificial leather is susceptible to moisture and mold. Therefore, avoid dampness and contact with grease when wearing.

Avoid water. Leather is liable to mildew if it is damp. If your leather bracelet gets wet, blot it immediately with a dry towel and let it dry in the shade. Usually you can use a brush to brush away the floating dust, dip in alcohol with cotton swab to wipe leather, mildewy in case.

Protect the leather. If your leather bracelets are stained with dirt, gently wipe it with wet cloth in time, do not force too hard, so as not to scratch leather. If your leather bracelets are stained with oil, you can mix ammonia water and alcohol, water (ratio is 1:2:20) and gently wipe it, it oil can’t be removed at one time, just repeat several times.

Avoid sun exposure and baking. High temperature environment such as insolation or baking can easily make leather wrinkle or crack.

Use a professional leather care agent. If small cracks appear on the leather surface, use chicken oil, duck oil or professional leather care agent evenly over the cracks, then using a clean soft cloth to wipe clean it after 10 minutes. You can also go to a professional store for cleaning and maintenance.

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