Best Gifts For Cosmos Fan

Everyone who loves stars and seas has an astronaut dream or a sailor’s dream. If your lover is such a person, don’t worry about what gifts you should give to them. These gifts related to starry sky and sea, whether given to girlfriends or boyfriends, they are very good choices. None of them are expensive, basically within 20 dollars, this is within your budget.

The 1st Best Gift – Cosmos Star Lighting And Projector

This is a cosmos star projector, with three model lighting, when you press the button A, its warm nightlight will light, and now it is a warm bedroom light or a sleep light, when you press it again, the light would shut off. When you press the button B, it switch for the colored light, and now it is a cosmos projector, If you put it in the living room and turn off the other lights, you will find that its beautiful pattern is projected on the roof and wall of the room, it’s like you’ve got a dazzling sky over your head. You can continue to press the button B to select a different projection pattern. And when you press the button C, it starts to rotate, and the patterns projected on the ceiling and walls rotate and move, giving you a dazzling feeling, if there is disco music at this time, then you can enjoy the disco stage.

Give it to the person you love, it can be used to decorate the room for the birthday, party, or wedding. How cute and romantic they are, it’s the best gift for your lover.

The 2nd Best Design – Starry Sky Umbrella

This is a very unique sunscreen umbrella, its biggest feature is the reverse opening, and also its cosmos and starry pattern that we have to talk about now. As we can see from the picture, the outer layer of it is the cosmos pattern. That is mean when we open the umbrella, its cosmos pattern is inside, and the side that protects us from the rain or the sun is outward. So when you get home or walk into the car, the wet layer outside will be inside, and what will touch us is the dry layer. In this way, the rain will not drop down and keep your clothes, floors and cars dry.

Whenever the weather is bad, the mood will also be affected, but see the cool cosmos and nebula pattern on your top of head, your mood will get better. Send this blue-purple cosmic umbrella to your lover. She’ll love it.

The 3rd Best Design – Starry Wine Glass

Give this starry glass to your lover, you can enjoy the bright starry river when you taste red wine. The appearance of this glass is very beautiful, which is made of stainless steel. Its appearance is printed with three different starry patterns. One is deep starry blue, like countless little stars in the universe falling into your glass, two or three sparkle like two eyes looking at you. The other one is purple color, its pattern is the same as the blue one, but purple looks milder. The other is also purple, but its pattern is that many planets are connected by time and space tunnels, like human neurons from a microscopic point of view, and it is full of the mystery and power of the universe.

Choose either package with two cups, two straws and a lid, suitable for dating, and party use. It is absolutely right for such a art work to be given to your lover.

The 4th Best Design – Starry Speaker

Although it’s a small night light with a dome, in fact, when take off its cover, it is a galactic auroral projector, which projects realistic arctic light and nebula light on the ceiling or wall to create a romantic cosmic environment. There are eight light modes, choose the desired color according to your preference. The top of the circle can project light to a large area, close to the panoramic effect.

The biggest difference between it and the first one recommended above is that, it is also a sound speaker, perfect for playing easy meditation music in a romantic environment. It’s great to have such a cool speaker for your girlfriend.

The 5th Best Design – Moon Night Light

There are many ancient poems about the moon in China. The light is a fine and pure symbol, no girl will refuse it. This is a moon-shaped night lamp, which is made of a PLA material by 3D printer. It comes in four different sizes, and can imitate two kinds of moon light, one is white and the other is yellow, both colors are very similar to the natural light of the moon. The surprise is that its surface simulates the real moon surface with the 3D printing technique, and the moon’s shape is kept to a maximum extent. Even without becoming an astronaut, there is a feeling of closely contact with the moon.

Give it to your girlfriend as a gift, she’ll love it. It is best to put it in the bedroom as a sleep lamp, romantic and warm, let it accompany your girlfriend all night good dream.

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