Who I am?

Jewelrycom, is a personal brand founded by a pure and kind girl. She loves the metallic texture of stainless steel and silver, believing that the luster represents quality, purity, freedom and beauty.

Before she founded the brand, she was fascinated by high-end and good price of stainless steel jewelry by chance. She wanted to share such excellent goods which made in China to all over the world.

‘Beautify life, be shiny’ is her goal. She believes that jewelry are icing on the cake of life, confident and love will shine you.

She also has a dream. Once received social assistance in the most difficult times, now she wants to give back to society through her own efforts, so that more helpless children can realize their dreams.

Yes, this is me.

What We Value?

Honesty, Friendly. We’re all members of the global village, honest and friendliness are the cornerstone of cooperation. We trust each other and work together for the same goal. Jewelrycom will be with your business all the way.

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