Jewelrycom, is a personal brand
founded by a pure and kind girl. She loves the metallic texture of stainless steel and silver,
believing that the luster represents quality, purity, freedom and beauty.

Before she founded the brand, she was fascinated by high-end
and good price of stainless steel jewelry by chance. She wanted to bring such excellent goods
which made in China to the world and share it with all people.

‘Beautify life, be shiny’ is her goal. She believes that
jewelry are icing on the cake of life, confident and love will shine you.

She also has a dream. Once received social assistance
in the most difficult times, now she wants to give back to society through her own efforts.
so that more helpless children can realize their dreams.

What We Sell

Never forget why I started, quality products, good service.

layered woven black leather bracelet
leather bracelet for men
rose gold-tone cute clover lady cuff steel bracelet
steel bracelet for women
cute touch promise name ID engraved couples bracelets
couples bracelets
buy four-in-one carbon fiber magnetic bracelet
magnetic bracelets

Beautify your life, be shiny with quality, purity, freedom and beauty.
In beautiful China, the meaning of bracelet is a fine agreement, also used to pray for peace, calm mind and decor. A bangle own the meaning of perfection and inheritance because it is a circular jewelry. While the necklace is the homonym of love, so it implies admiration and love. These kind of jewelry are good wishes, they can be given to friends as gifts, also be used as affectionate to the loved ones.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry is a very special metal jewelry, it’s very tough but also very corrosion resistant. It doesn’t oxidize, it doesn’t cause allergies, and it doesn’t contain lead, which is why it’s better than silver, copper and some alloy jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry can always maintain its own tone at room temperature for life.

They are featured by no corrosion, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, no discoloration, no fading, no allergy, no deformation, hard and shiny, can’t produce any side effects to the human body. They are harmless, high grade, eco-friendly jewelry.

Since the emergence of stainless steel jewelry in recent years, stainless steel combines modern materials and jewelry perfectly. By choosing the right type of steel, processing it properly, and maintaining it properly, stainless steel jewelry can bring out the best in its competitors.

What My Clients Say

What about our jewelry? Hear from our parter.

I met Shan in China when I was on a business trip. She just started her project and asked me if I was interested in working with her. She is a friendly person and I bought some. It is an honor to be her first buyer.

home page Anthony

jewelry owner

I found this site online, it looks good, I tried to contact the owners of the site, and know what’s going on with her. we work in the same business area, but our customers are different. Let’s come on together.

home page John

online seller

I am a student majoring in jewelry design , I often browse some web pages online to find inspiration. When I knew it was a China supplier, I decided to buy some to study. I found it really good. Recommended.

home page Selina

Fashion designer


How To Make A Magnetic Bracelet

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